It’s not only chocolate spread!

Pistachio is high in protein and healthy fats and a good source of nutrients, too. Its exotic taste is very versatile and suitable for a thousand different recipes of bakery and pastry.

Are you ready to sink the spoon?

On the surface, it looks like a simple dessert to make by seeing its few ingredients, but it hides some small pitfalls in preparation.

Light as air, fluffy as a sponge

They are called “Savoiardi” in Italian, from the House of Savory, Italy’s last monarchs. They are light, fluffy Italian sponge finger biscuits with a very long history, dating all the way to the 1300’s.


The Italian cuisine is strictly related to the story and culture of “Bella Italia”. It’s always a pleasure discovering this beautiful country, for the tradition and the deep rooted culture related to the story and old heritage.

Good Food is True Love ❤️

February 14th is Valentine's Day, the Day of Love. Everywhere in the world, it is a special day for all and sundry. Be it school going teens who are hesitant to approach their crush and tell them how much they like them, or couples who have been married...

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The best known cookies in the World

Originally from Tuscany, The Cantucci, also known as "Prato biscuits", are now widespread and prepared throughout Italy. They were born from a very ancient recipe, already known in 1500 and used at the court of the Medici dynasty. But their fame spread...

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The Sweet Christmas Table

During the Christmas Holidays, every kind of delicacy lays the tables of Italians. Each region produces its own specialty, in a triumph of spieces, dried fruit, honey and sparkling candied fruits. And then, there are the most common Christmas desserts,...

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The Magic Blue, in the cheese world

It’s the most famous Italian Blue Cheese, in the world. It’s a PDO product, originating in the Milan area and owes its name to that of the town of Gorgonzola, not far from the city of Milan, where it seems first production was made more than 1200 years ago. Gorgonzola...

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White gold, the perfect dish: Buffalo Mozzarella

Fresh, delicate and rich, it's Campania's pride and joy. Without comparision on pizza, perfect for summer. We are talking about Buffalo Mozzarella, an Italian excellence. Its porcelain white colour, its smooth surface, the use of separate layers of curd, its initial...

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