It’s not only chocolate spread!

Pistachio is high in protein and healthy fats and a good source of nutrients, too. Its exotic taste is very versatile and suitable for a thousand different recipes of bakery and pastry.

Are you ready to sink the spoon?

On the surface, it looks like a simple dessert to make by seeing its few ingredients, but it hides some small pitfalls in preparation.

Light as air, fluffy as a sponge

They are called “Savoiardi” in Italian, from the House of Savory, Italy’s last monarchs. They are light, fluffy Italian sponge finger biscuits with a very long history, dating all the way to the 1300’s.


The Italian cuisine is strictly related to the story and culture of “Bella Italia”. It’s always a pleasure discovering this beautiful country, for the tradition and the deep rooted culture related to the story and old heritage.

Baked Beans

We can’t imagine a Full Breakfast without them, matched with eggs and bacon. Most delicious toast are filled with them and such a traditional English menus, like Jacket potatoes or fish and chips, reach their best only when baked beans are at their side.

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An explosion of milk mixed with sweet cream

Beautifully balanced in taste, Burrata is a perfect blend of contrasting textures working together to create a landscape of soothing delights. From the outside, it could be mistaken for fresh mozzarella. But its soft shell wraps around a creamy center,...

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Canned Tomatoes: Our Pantry All-Star

These weeks, we're cooking from the pantry more than ever, and we’re concerned about keeping it always stocked with staples. Canned Tomatoes are definitely a staple and a pantry all-star! If there are a few cans of them in our pantry, we can easily face...

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How to pair extra virgin olive oil with food

Most of us already know how many beneficial virtues Extra Virgin Olive Oil has. It contains powerful antioxidants and beneficial fatty acids that help fighting free radicals and reduce the risk of heart and neurological diseases. And this makes it a kind...

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The secrets to cooking perfect pasta 🤫

You may have cooked pasta many times, but have you ever cooked it perfectly? Let’s have a look at the main tips to find out how to get the most out of this staple of Italian cuisine! Pasta is one of the first things most of us cook. Even those that don’t...

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