Provolone Valpadana PDO

Additional information


semi-hard cheese




depending on the shape
(salami, melon/pear, cone, flask),
from 500g up to over kg 100.

Fat content


Shelf life

15-24 months

Storage Temperature

8°C -16°C


logo_prelybium_headerThis is a highly appreciated Italian PDO cheese, shaped in many typical ways (like a salami or a pear or a cone) and available in two different types: “dolce” (mild) and “piccante” (strong). The “Dolce” type is made using veal rennet and is not aged for more than 2/3 months, while for the “strong” type baby goat or lamb’s rennet is used and aging lasts approximately from three to six months or more. Provolone Valpadana PDO melts and rolls easily and it is perfect for using in a thousand different recipes, with almost every kind of fruit and vegetables, matched both with fish and meat and egg, too.

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