Minced mozzarella “Julienne”

Additional information


semi-hard cheese




250 g

Fat content


Shelf life

7 days

Storage Temperature

+8°C – 16°C


logo_prelybium_headerThe name “Mozzarella” comes from the Italian verb “mozzare”, meaning “to cut off”. Produced by hand, this cheese got its name from the moment the fresh spun paste is hand-cut, using the forefinger and the thumb, to make the delicious balls or smaller bites, or even nuggets, braids, pearls and all the other wonderful shapes that can be found. Born in Italy several centuries ago, mozzarella is very well known all over the world and is often poorly imitated. Quality Italian mozzarella is made only with fresh milk (abt 8 liters to make 1kg of mozzarella) and it is usually eaten on its own or as a happy addition to numerous dishes, including salads and pizza. PRELYBIUM mozzarella is also available as FROZEN.

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