EVO 1118 100% Italian “INTENSO” Blue EVO Oil – 500 ml bottle

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500 ml

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1 year


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EVO 1118 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made by crushing fresh olives harvested in Puglia and Basilicata regions of Italy.

EVO 1118 INTENSO (BLUE label) is an extra virgin olive oil obtained from precious varieties of olives, which expresses the aromas and flavors of the Mediterranean. The hints of tomato, basil and mint are accompanied by a flavor in which the lively spiciness harmonizes with a very pleasant bitterness, giving life to an intense fruity, but with a very fresh taste. The choice of precious varieties of olives, combined with the experience of our mill allow the cold extraction of this light and refined oil, with very low acidity. Ideal for the richest dishes, EVO 1118 Fruttato INTENSO enhances the strong flavor of the dishes, embellishing it.

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