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RIVELIA CROCCANTINI are delicious hazelnut nougats covered with dark chocolate.

The dough is made with hazelnuts and almonds and candied with sugar and honey, while the covering is made by dark chocolate 60%.

They don’t contain any preservative and the most part of production process is handmade.

RIVELIA CROCCANTINI are produced in the small town of San Marco dei Cavoti, a lovely place in the mountains, in South of Italy, where they started producing such a delicious nougats at the end of 17th Century. They are made today like in the past, with only quality ingredients and an ancient know how.

The ingredients of RIVELIA CROCCANTINI  are very simple: only almonds, hazelnuts, sugar and cocoa. They are mixed together and the dough is stretched to form a layer. Once cooled , the mixture is cut into small bars, that become the delicious nougats, called CROCCANTINI, from the Italian word, just meaning “crunchy”.

Their taste is a unique gourmet experience. Moreover, thanks to the dried fruits, the honey and the dark chocolate they contain and the absence of preservatives, theyare also a very healthy snack, useful for a very natural recharge of energy.

Each bar is wrapped up in wrapping material for food, in order to preserve the product from moisture and contamination.

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