Foodeast & Italian Food Experience

Foodeast may have an English sound, but we are 100% Italian.

We are based in beautiful Southern Italy and our mission is to share the pleasure of Italian food with the world.

We handle a wide range of Italian Food Products and our aim is to satisfy any request for Italian Ingredients, especially outside of Italy.

Our Customers can choose from a huge assortment of carefully selected products, bespoke service, personalized solutions for mixed cargos and, most importantly, a wealth of experience in food markets, both national and international. We pride ourselves on providing our Customers with an efficient service combined with excellent quality and prices in the Italian food sector.

Our assortment fits the need of both retail and foodservice markets, with customized solutions for industry.

Each of our carefully formulated product ranges has its own name and is designed to cater for a specific type of Customer.

With our LITALY brand you can find the classic necessities, such as legumes, pasta, tomato based items, olive oil, etc. All are specifically studied, in terms of quality, size and packaging, to perfectly meet the request for Italian ingredients, in the international markets.

PRELYBIUM is the brand that specializes in a wonderful assortment of Italian cheese, while RIVELIA is a collection of food of exceptional quality, offering the Client a gourmet journey through the major Italian Food delicacies.

Finally, there is IVI & GIO’, our window on ORGANIC and healthy products. All items are Made in Italy and certified organic. A nice collection of Italian food, studied to match the contemporary need for good food, that are also good for your health.


Foodeast for foodies

Foodeast loves food and its lovers.

Our journey starts from the unique pleasure of food experience.

In Italy, the richness and variety of the cuisine recounts the history of all the peoples who have inhabited this land over the millennia.

All Italian dishes arise from family stories, tradition, care and imagination.

Each ingredient of Italian cuisine has its own origin, its own history and its own identity and are often the result of very ancient knowledge and well kept secrets.

Moreover, Italian people love sharing delicious food and enjoying the pleasures that eating together bring. Food has always played a central role in Italian society and culture, providing the backdrop for the creation of collective memories and experience that remain in the hearts of people forever.

Foodeast are excited to promote Italian food products around the world, spreading Italian food culture and allowing Foodies to expand their knowledge of one of the most celebrated cuisines in the world.

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