Baked Beans

We can’t imagine a Full Breakfast without them, matched with eggs and bacon. Most delicious toast are filled with them and such a traditional English menus, like Jacket potatoes or fish and chips, reach their best only when baked beans are at their side.

Bean and pasta soup: a cuddle for the everyday menus

One of the most traditional Italian menu can help us to make a very smooth and delicious shifting: we’re talking abt bean and pasta soup, with its countless variations.

An explosion of milk mixed with sweet cream

Beautifully balanced in taste, Burrata is a perfect blend of contrasting textures working together to create a landscape of soothing delights. From the outside, it could be mistaken for fresh mozzarella. But its soft shell wraps around a creamy center,...

We are Italians

and we share the pleasure of Italian Food with the World

All Italian dishes arise from family stories, tradition, care and fantasy. Each ingredient of Italian cuisine has its own origin, its own history and its own identity and are often the result of a very ancient knowledge and well kept secrets. Foodeast are excited to promote Italian food products around the world, spreading Italian food culture and allowing Foodies to expand their knowledge of one of the most celebrated cuisines in the world.


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